Top 4 Reasons We Use Siberian CMS App Builder for OUR Clients

#4 You host your own APP (POWERED BY AWS)

To quote Mark Zuckerburg “I have over 4,000 images, addresses, SNS …. People just submitted it…They ‘trust me’…Dumb f****” (edited for expletive). Most app builders run on their website, all your files and information, whether public or private, are in their hands, can you really trust that they’re not selling or sharing all your information?

You can when all your information is on YOUR OWN SERVER secured inside your own AWS account.

Starting at $99/month + a one time setup fee, your business can start engaging your customers more proactively and increase sales and customer service with your own mobile app.

#3 Lower Total Cost

We all know the saying “You have to spend $$$ to make $$$$$$,” and with a HIPAA compliant* app builder from Titan IT, we keep more of that $$$$ in your pocket versus traditional, custom app development.

There’s no developers to hire, no projects to manage, no graphic designers needed and no content to produce or update.  We design, configure, and launch your app to the App Store or Google Play.  We also monitor and support your app for complete care.


*There is officially no such thing as a HIPAA compliant app builder, HIPAA compliance is the technical standards applied to PHI, we apply this security standard, in accordance with AWS policies, to your personal, secure app hosting account.*

#2 Features

App builders have them, custom apps, well you’ll need to build them all or find 3rd party plugins that you can wrestle together and make them play nice.  App builders have access to features like loyalty cards, QR code discounts, chat, mcommerce, surveys, forms, quizzes, personal inbox, push notifications, events, navigation, and so much more.

Some of the features you can get with an app builder would cost thousands of dollars to recreate or good luck even thinking about recreating some of these features on a budget.

Stuff your mobile app full of useful features for your customers without breaking the bank.  Get your HIPAA compliant mobile app fully-feature packed today.

Call 941-445-TECH (8324) to get your mobile app today!

Push Notification Systems

Engaging your customer is one of the many challenges facing today’s businesses.  Push notification systems, for mobile phones, tablets, & desktops, give you direct access to your customer.

Did you know over 91% of adults keep their mobile phone with arms reach (source: Morgan Stanley)?  Where’s your mobile phone?  Right next to you, and I bet you just checked that notification that came in.

In the past, this technology was expensive, you needed your own apps and your own response server and back end services.  Today, Mobile as a Service (MaaS) can provide you with all these fancy enterprise features, at a fraction of the cost.

We know, we develop custom apps from scratch too.  It’s expensive, we have to build a compatibility list of devices, show costs comparisons to support devices, build backend servers, services, APIs, redundant systems, & other voodoo and witch craft.  A basic, no frills custom app generally starts at $25,000 to develop and that does not include the infrastructure and support costs.

Now MaaS to the rescue, starting at $6,000 year, with no infrastructure and minimum support costs.  This magnitude of cost savings is what’s driving mobile app growth for businesses of all sizes.  Small and mid-size businesses can now have apps with streaming video, music, maps and even more advanced features like geo-fencing and push notifications with out breaking the bank.

Internet Retailer says 80% of companies see a rise in sales in companies that approach a mobile centric approach like apps with push notifications.  Nielson points out that 2/3 of mobile time is spent on apps.‘s research indicates that 47% of business have or plan to get an app in the near future.

Don’t let your competition be the first one on the block using push notifications to engage and support their customers.  Call us today at +1 (941) 445-TECH (8324) or chat with us online now to get started with your own mobile app with a push notification system today!

Inform Your Employees Today – Email Phishing Threats Are Real

Is your company informed?  Download, email, or print the infographic below (courtesy  This informative infographic is a great resource to use to educate your employees on the threat of Email Phishing.

Don’t let your company fall victim to this scam.  Give your employees the information they need to help you keep your company safe!

Titan IT’s Tips To Combat Phishing Email Scams

  • Inform your employees of the threat, knowledge is power
  • Implement 2-factor authentication policies for digital encounters where your company is exposed to the most risk (private corporate information, money transfers, account access/reset, etc.)
  • Don’t click on links in emails to go to a website, especially one to a bank or email service provider, type in the address or use bookmarks in your browser
  • Enhance your security, make sure your company is using a firewall, you have an up to date Internet browser, virus/malware protection, and have an IT professional test your email system to make sure it’s flagging bogus emails correctly
  • If you have ANY doubt, send the email to your IT professional for inspection, and be patient.  Scammers pressure for urgent and quick responses for a reason, once that cash is out of your account, your chance of recovery is slim to none
  • If your company has a huge risk exposure to this threat or you feel that this could easily happen to your employees, contact your insurance agent to request additional digital fraud protection to help mitigate the risk

Stop overpaying for your business phone today

Everyday we get calls from businesses with the same story.  Outdated phones and systems, expensive big name services, terrible customer service, and worst of all, no features that are actually useful in today’s technology centered world.  Then, we tell them about Medtel’s proprietary M-Cloud Business Phone Solution and how more than 20,000 businesses around the world use this revolutionary, cloud phone system to enhance their own customer service, usually at a lower cost then what they were paying for traditional phone service.

It gets quite, we know what’s going on.  Our new customer is thinking they’ve called the wrong number.  These people are crazy, how can I get more features and better service for cheaper?  I can even lease brand new phones with no out of pockets expenses and then for about the same price I was paying before I have a new cloud phone system and phone service.  Hang up the phone and run right?

That’s our usual M-Cloud Business Phone System first customer interaction.  Then, we send them the paperwork, and it comes back faster than lightning because they’re thinking, ha, I just got one up on them!  That price and contract had to be a mistake but I signed it and now they’re going to have to deliver it.  Then, it shows up and they are continued to be wowed.  They have the top of the line phones, always available cloud phone system, and customer service that answers the phone, all for less or close to what they were paying before!

More and more everyday, we switch customers from those big names (Spectrum, Comcast, Frontier, & Level 3), to a world wide, proprietary phone development company, Medtel Communications, where they experience features, pricing, and support like they’ve never had before.

Want a free demo or your own no hassle quote?  Chat with us on the web below or call us anytime at +1 941-445-8324 to see the power and savings that you can experience with a new business phone system from Titan IT Enterprises!

For more information, please check our Unified Communications Solutions page.



Top Reasons Why Businesses Choose an IT Partner

Why don’t I just hire my own person or team? That’s the traditional road-block we encounter as an IT Partner. Here are some of the top reasons reported by our customers on why they choose an IT partner, instead of employees.


Predictable & Scalable Budget

Titan’s one low monthly fee is generally cheaper than the cost of a single employee. It also doesn’t change month to month, giving you a predictable IT service budget, while also offering scalable services when needed.


Lower Total IT Costs

When you have an extra employee, there are always more costs. More benefits to pay for, more trainings to schedule, more office space to buy, more more more. Get rid of more costs, and reduce your total it costs with an IT partner.


Enterprise Class Tools

Don’t settle for free tools, get the best. We use the best tools for monitoring, support, ticketing, backup, and more. We extend our tools to our partners, giving them access to thousands of dollars of enterprise class tools!


Fast, On-time On-site Support

Do you currently work with companies that are always late or you have to check in on them to make sure they’re going to show at all? No more, get fast, on-time on-site support when you need it. Don’t wait on a geek, keep a Titan on Guard today!


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Have you ever lost your data before? Do you worry that you’re not doing enough to protect your data? Titan provides 1 TB (1 Terabyte) of cloud data backup to all its partners at no additional cost. Protect your company from Ransomware and other data disasters with our backup and disaster recovery service.


Broad Cross Industry Knowledge

Think your team is stuck in the corporate bubble? Get a partner who works in many industries, who can offer insights and business intelligence for technology solutions like never before. Titan techs train and develop in some of the most advanced technologies.


Compliance Reporting & Ticketing

Do you work in the medical field, finance, law, or other specialty sector?  We offer compliance reporting for specialty fields. Does your company still use email to request support? We offer a free ticketing system included with our service. Track issues and projects and see real-time progress.


365/24/7 Monitoring & Support Available

Is your business mission critical? Do you have a cloud application that needs 24/7 monitoring. Titan IT has the tools and the infrastructure to support you 365/24/7. Don’t get let down, put a Titan on Guard for your mission critical support services.

One Thing That Will Protect Your Passwords

After reading a post from Yahoo on 4 Ways to Keep Your Passwords Safe (, I had to laugh a little bit.  While the tips were good, most were not practical and I can see why 99.9% of users don’t and won’t follow them.

Do what the pros do, set a calendar reminder for the least painful period (let’s say 12 months for some of you) and just change all your passwords.  The problem is it usually takes time, time, and then some more time for ‘hacked’ information to actually get into someone’s hands to be usable.  The simple act of changing your passwords is one of the best ways to protect them.  If you’re at year 5 on the same password, today’s the day…change that baby and set a little reoccurring event in your calendar to do it again, in 5 years.


How Your Business Can Generate $$$ on Facebook

I see you’re on Facebook with your business, but are you advertising?  Merely having a profile isn’t going to lead to success on social media.  You have to get the word out and out and out.  You also don’t have to break the bank either like on Google AdWords…where you’re likely to spend 8x-10x more for a similar experience.

We’ll create a custom ad and landing page, then we’ll target your keywords and audience to your specific industry.  You’ll get thousands of new exposures and reoccurring branding opportunities every month to active online users.  Build your network with proven techniques.

Register below and we’ll build you a free Facebook audience as a preview of our monthly service.

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IBM Says 70% of Ransomware Victims Paid Ransoms For Data in 2016

Don’t let your business be a victim. Check out these payout stats from 2016:
• 20% paid more than $40,000
• 25% paid $20,000-$40,000
• 11% paid $10,000-$20,000

The FBI has issued these tips on their website, which we implement for each partner:

  • Make sure employees are aware of ransomware and of their critical roles in protecting the organization’s data.
  • Patch operating system, software, and firmware on digital devices (which may be made easier through a centralized patch management system).
  • Ensure antivirus and anti-malware solutions are set to automatically update and conduct regular scans.
  • Manage the use of privileged accounts—no users should be assigned administrative access unless absolutely needed, and only use administrator accounts when necessary.
  • Configure access controls, including file, directory, and network share permissions appropriately. If users only need read specific information, they don’t need write-access to those files or directories.
  • Disable macro scripts from office files transmitted over e-mail.
  • Implement software restriction policies or other controls to prevent programs from executing from common ransomware locations (e.g., temporary folders supporting popular Internet browsers, compression/decompression programs).
  • Back up data regularly and verify the integrity of those backups regularly.
  • Secure your backups. Make sure they aren’t connected to the computers and networks they are backing up.

Do you want a free security evaluation for you business to see if you’re protected, call us today at 941-445-TECH (8324) or chat with us online below.

5 Reasons Why Companies Choose An IT Partner Like Titan IT Over IT Employees All Day Every Day

#5 More personnel power for less $

Three level internal IT Department
IT Director: $111,894
Help Desk Supervisor: $55,308
Network Administrator: $56,623
Total: $223,825/yr in just salary expenses * Source

Titan IT offers 3-tiered support at a fraction of the total cost of maintaining 3 highly skilled, internal IT employees. Get IT Directors, daily Help Desk support, and Network Administrators with a mission to provide innovative technology solutions and dedicated support to our partners. Experience the difference in service and the savings in the pocket and you’ll see why companies choose an IT partner like Titan IT over IT employees all day every day.

#4 More experience

IT Partners, like Titan IT, work across multiple industries and see problems from all over the world. You might assemble a team of experienced professionals but after a few years of being in the corporate bubble, you’ll lose the advantage they once had. Don’t lose the competitive advantage of cross industry knowledge and solutions.

#3 Enterprise class tools

Enterprise cloud backup tools, AWS/Google/Microsoft cloud snapshot tools, remote monitoring and access tools, network and security analyzers, you name it, we got it and use it. Tired of working with free basic tools? Get supported by the best tools in the industry.

#2 Greater flexibility

Did you have an IT issue that needs attention this weekend? What about a Saturday and Sunday event coming up and your IT employee is already at 40 hours? Uh oh, the board just came up with a brilliant, new technology project that they want started this week and the IT calendar is already full. That’s where having the flexibility of an IT partner, like Titan IT, outshines an internal IT employee. Get work done on the weekends, holidays, and extra time for projects when you need it the most.

#1 Long-term leadership

Dominating sports teams and great businesses have one thing in common. Long-term leadership. The Patriots don’t hire a new head coach every 6 months and neither has NIKE for the past 11 years. They know the secret, you can’t have success if you keep swapping in subpar talent. Get an experienced leader in IT, like Titan IT, to help propel your business to new levels of success.

Call us today 941-445-TECH (8324) or visit us online at to speak with an IT expert and experience the difference of a long term IT Partner, instead of a 6 month IT employee.
Innovative Solutions + Dedicated Support

Titan IT mentors FLL LEGO robotics at Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota Co

Four Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County have launched FLL LEGO Robotics teams.  Titan IT’s team members are working with each club to provide mentorship for engineering and programming for their robotics team.  This year, each team will develop a method to help people learn a specific task better.  They will research and make a final video and power point presentation on their findings.  After the research project, the teams will build an EV3 LEGO Mindstorm robot and several mission models (LEGO models for missions in the challege) ( (Challenge details PDF) and then program their robot to perform on the missions in the challenge.