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Inform Your Employees Today – Email Phishing Threats Are Real

Is your company informed?  Download, email, or print the infographic below (courtesy  This informative infographic is a great resource to use to educate your employees on the threat of Email Phishing.

Don’t let your company fall victim to this scam.  Give your employees the information they need to help you keep your company safe!

Titan IT’s Tips To Combat Phishing Email Scams

  • Inform your employees of the threat, knowledge is power
  • Implement 2-factor authentication policies for digital encounters where your company is exposed to the most risk (private corporate information, money transfers, account access/reset, etc.)
  • Don’t click on links in emails to go to a website, especially one to a bank or email service provider, type in the address or use bookmarks in your browser
  • Enhance your security, make sure your company is using a firewall, you have an up to date Internet browser, virus/malware protection, and have an IT professional test your email system to make sure it’s flagging bogus emails correctly
  • If you have ANY doubt, send the email to your IT professional for inspection, and be patient.  Scammers pressure for urgent and quick responses for a reason, once that cash is out of your account, your chance of recovery is slim to none
  • If your company has a huge risk exposure to this threat or you feel that this could easily happen to your employees, contact your insurance agent to request additional digital fraud protection to help mitigate the risk

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