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Stop overpaying for your business phone today

Everyday we get calls from businesses with the same story.  Outdated phones and systems, expensive big name services, terrible customer service, and worst of all, no features that are actually useful in today’s technology centered world.  Then, we tell them about Medtel’s proprietary M-Cloud Business Phone Solution and how more than 20,000 businesses around the world use this revolutionary, cloud phone system to enhance their own customer service, usually at a lower cost then what they were paying for traditional phone service.

It gets quite, we know what’s going on.  Our new customer is thinking they’ve called the wrong number.  These people are crazy, how can I get more features and better service for cheaper?  I can even lease brand new phones with no out of pockets expenses and then for about the same price I was paying before I have a new cloud phone system and phone service.  Hang up the phone and run right?

That’s our usual M-Cloud Business Phone System first customer interaction.  Then, we send them the paperwork, and it comes back faster than lightning because they’re thinking, ha, I just got one up on them!  That price and contract had to be a mistake but I signed it and now they’re going to have to deliver it.  Then, it shows up and they are continued to be wowed.  They have the top of the line phones, always available cloud phone system, and customer service that answers the phone, all for less or close to what they were paying before!

More and more everyday, we switch customers from those big names (Spectrum, Comcast, Frontier, & Level 3), to a world wide, proprietary phone development company, Medtel Communications, where they experience features, pricing, and support like they’ve never had before.

Want a free demo or your own no hassle quote?  Chat with us on the web below or call us anytime at +1 941-445-8324 to see the power and savings that you can experience with a new business phone system from Titan IT Enterprises!

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