Gene Matthews Boys & Girls Clubs receives new computer lab

Santa just made a stop at the Gene Matthews Boys & Girls Club located in North Port, and boy did he out do himself.  The club received 20 21.5″ touchscreen desktops, 4 transformer tablets, and 4 laptops.  That means the main computer lab for their members now has 28 devices for learning, more than the average group size.  Youths will no longer have to share computers, and they now have access to the latest and greatest technology for learning.  These desktops were loaded with Windows 7 Enterprise and Office 2010.  They also have typing software, music making applications, games, and much more pre-loaded.  Thanks Santa (and Comcast)!

Titan IT builds mobile computer lab for Roy McBean Club

Titan IT recently built a 20 laptop mobile computer lab for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County Roy McBean Club.  This mobile lab allows the facility to free up a program room, if needed, by simply placing all the laptops in the secure, metal cart and stowing the cart in the closet.  Also, with wireless routers installed through out the building, the laptops can be used virtually anywhere in the club now.

These laptops were installed with Windows 7 Enterprise Edition using KMS activation technology, and use group policy from a Windows 2003 Server.  They are loaded with Microsoft Office 2010, and Mavis Beacon 11.  All software was generously donated by Microsoft with an estimated value of over $15,000.

Titan IT also installed a content filter for the facility, ensuring that all youth computers are protected from unwanted Internet material.  Titan IT also took the computers that were previously in the computer lab, and reorganized them into a teen computer lab in the teen center for the club, giving the teens their own private space for computer learning.

Titan IT updates BGC of Desoto computer lab

Titan IT recently reconfigured the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County’s Desoto Club for an optimal learning experience.  Before Titan IT, the computer lab was in disarray, the computers had different amounts of ram, different operating systems, broken keyboard & ball mice.  Also, the computers were physically filled with dust and there was no wire management in place.

The Titan Guards took care of it all.  We air dusted the computers inside and out.  Performed wire management and replaced aging keyboards and inserted optical mice throughout the lab.  Titan IT then distributed all the ram evenly throughout the computer lab, and updated all the computers to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007.  With the help of a local computer group, Connect Your Community, we replaced the remaining 5 CRT monitors with LCDs, so that every computer has a LCD screen.

All the youths at this club will now have access .