Top 4 Reasons We Use Siberian CMS App Builder for OUR Clients

#4 You host your own APP (POWERED BY AWS)

To quote Mark Zuckerburg “I have over 4,000 images, addresses, SNS …. People just submitted it…They ‘trust me’…Dumb f****” (edited for expletive). Most app builders run on their website, all your files and information, whether public or private, are in their hands, can you really trust that they’re not selling or sharing all your information?

You can when all your information is on YOUR OWN SERVER secured inside your own AWS account.

Starting at $99/month + a one time setup fee, your business can start engaging your customers more proactively and increase sales and customer service with your own mobile app.

#3 Lower Total Cost

We all know the saying “You have to spend $$$ to make $$$$$$,” and with a HIPAA compliant* app builder from Titan IT, we keep more of that $$$$ in your pocket versus traditional, custom app development.

There’s no developers to hire, no projects to manage, no graphic designers needed and no content to produce or update.  We design, configure, and launch your app to the App Store or Google Play.  We also monitor and support your app for complete care.


*There is officially no such thing as a HIPAA compliant app builder, HIPAA compliance is the technical standards applied to PHI, we apply this security standard, in accordance with AWS policies, to your personal, secure app hosting account.*

#2 Features

App builders have them, custom apps, well you’ll need to build them all or find 3rd party plugins that you can wrestle together and make them play nice.  App builders have access to features like loyalty cards, QR code discounts, chat, mcommerce, surveys, forms, quizzes, personal inbox, push notifications, events, navigation, and so much more.

Some of the features you can get with an app builder would cost thousands of dollars to recreate or good luck even thinking about recreating some of these features on a budget.

Stuff your mobile app full of useful features for your customers without breaking the bank.  Get your HIPAA compliant mobile app fully-feature packed today.

Call 941-445-TECH (8324) to get your mobile app today!

Push Notification Systems

Engaging your customer is one of the many challenges facing today’s businesses.  Push notification systems, for mobile phones, tablets, & desktops, give you direct access to your customer.

Did you know over 91% of adults keep their mobile phone with arms reach (source: Morgan Stanley)?  Where’s your mobile phone?  Right next to you, and I bet you just checked that notification that came in.

In the past, this technology was expensive, you needed your own apps and your own response server and back end services.  Today, Mobile as a Service (MaaS) can provide you with all these fancy enterprise features, at a fraction of the cost.

We know, we develop custom apps from scratch too.  It’s expensive, we have to build a compatibility list of devices, show costs comparisons to support devices, build backend servers, services, APIs, redundant systems, & other voodoo and witch craft.  A basic, no frills custom app generally starts at $25,000 to develop and that does not include the infrastructure and support costs.

Now MaaS to the rescue, starting at $6,000 year, with no infrastructure and minimum support costs.  This magnitude of cost savings is what’s driving mobile app growth for businesses of all sizes.  Small and mid-size businesses can now have apps with streaming video, music, maps and even more advanced features like geo-fencing and push notifications with out breaking the bank.

Internet Retailer says 80% of companies see a rise in sales in companies that approach a mobile centric approach like apps with push notifications.  Nielson points out that 2/3 of mobile time is spent on apps.‘s research indicates that 47% of business have or plan to get an app in the near future.

Don’t let your competition be the first one on the block using push notifications to engage and support their customers.  Call us today at +1 (941) 445-TECH (8324) or chat with us online now to get started with your own mobile app with a push notification system today!