5 Reasons Why Companies Choose An IT Partner Like Titan IT Over IT Employees All Day Every Day

#5 More personnel power for less $

Three level internal IT Department
IT Director: $111,894
Help Desk Supervisor: $55,308
Network Administrator: $56,623
Total: $223,825/yr in just salary expenses * Source payrate.com

Titan IT offers 3-tiered support at a fraction of the total cost of maintaining 3 highly skilled, internal IT employees. Get IT Directors, daily Help Desk support, and Network Administrators with a mission to provide innovative technology solutions and dedicated support to our partners. Experience the difference in service and the savings in the pocket and you’ll see why companies choose an IT partner like Titan IT over IT employees all day every day.

#4 More experience

IT Partners, like Titan IT, work across multiple industries and see problems from all over the world. You might assemble a team of experienced professionals but after a few years of being in the corporate bubble, you’ll lose the advantage they once had. Don’t lose the competitive advantage of cross industry knowledge and solutions.

#3 Enterprise class tools

Enterprise cloud backup tools, AWS/Google/Microsoft cloud snapshot tools, remote monitoring and access tools, network and security analyzers, you name it, we got it and use it. Tired of working with free basic tools? Get supported by the best tools in the industry.

#2 Greater flexibility

Did you have an IT issue that needs attention this weekend? What about a Saturday and Sunday event coming up and your IT employee is already at 40 hours? Uh oh, the board just came up with a brilliant, new technology project that they want started this week and the IT calendar is already full. That’s where having the flexibility of an IT partner, like Titan IT, outshines an internal IT employee. Get work done on the weekends, holidays, and extra time for projects when you need it the most.

#1 Long-term leadership

Dominating sports teams and great businesses have one thing in common. Long-term leadership. The Patriots don’t hire a new head coach every 6 months and neither has NIKE for the past 11 years. They know the secret, you can’t have success if you keep swapping in subpar talent. Get an experienced leader in IT, like Titan IT, to help propel your business to new levels of success.

Call us today 941-445-TECH (8324) or visit us online at www.titanitllc.com to speak with an IT expert and experience the difference of a long term IT Partner, instead of a 6 month IT employee.
Innovative Solutions + Dedicated Support

Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club gets 37 new computers

Titan IT Enterprises recently upgraded the Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club with 37 new computers for the staff and members.  The main computer lab received 24 new computers.  These new computers have 24″ Widescreens, Icore 5 CPUs, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and 1 TB of hard drive space.  These Vizio all-in-one computers are stunning!

The teen computer lab got a make-over of 12 new laptops.  These laptops give the teens access to computers in both a lab setting while also being able to transport them to their gameroom.

All these computers were loaded with Windows 8 and Office 2010, along with other math and reading software.

The club also received 6 10″ Asus Transformer tablets to be distributed to special areas in the club for reading and math tutoring for its members.