One Thing That Will Protect Your Passwords

After reading a post from Yahoo on 4 Ways to Keep Your Passwords Safe (, I had to laugh a little bit.  While the tips were good, most were not practical and I can see why 99.9% of users don’t and won’t follow them.

Do what the pros do, set a calendar reminder for the least painful period (let’s say 12 months for some of you) and just change all your passwords.  The problem is it usually takes time, time, and then some more time for ‘hacked’ information to actually get into someone’s hands to be usable.  The simple act of changing your passwords is one of the best ways to protect them.  If you’re at year 5 on the same password, today’s the day…change that baby and set a little reoccurring event in your calendar to do it again, in 5 years.